201-301 E. 4th Street - Austin, TX 78701
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"And so my life began, junior lobby boy in training under the strict command of M. Gustave H. Many of the hotel's most valued and distinguished guests came for him. I became his pupil and he was to be my counselor and guardian. This is also when I met Agatha." - The Grand Budapest Hotel

We aren’t what you expect. We are much more than that. In our book, the guest experience is paramount. We hope that it shows. How can our team make your visit to Austin more enjoyable? Are you full of questions? That is a sign of intelligence. Let us know what you need as we take notes, and just got a great deal on a bulk supply of post-its.

Thomas Roalson 

IMG_7519As you can see from the smile, Thomas is a real asset to the Onyx Hotels team. With 10 years of hospitality experience, a few nationwide tours in a rock band, and a winning attitude, Thomas is the unofficial Director of “Get It Done”.

While his glass is always half full, he works hard to make sure that all of our guests enjoy their time in Austin as seamlessly as possible. When he isn’t working, you may find him performing at a local music venue or jogging around Town Lake with his girlfriend.


Ryan Windsor

rmw2014My name is Ryan Windsor, and I founded Onyx Hotels in 2013. Thank you for your interest. What started as an experiment with a single property, quickly evolved into a thriving business full of passionate individuals who strive to create a better vacation rental experience.

Our properties, processes, and mission are the result of years of development and fine tuning. Having been fascinated by hotels since I was a young child, and working in the hospitality industry for the past 15+ years, there was no shortage of ideas on how to expand upon the existing business model. I hope you like what we have built, and will choose to stay with us when you visit Austin.  Please note that all of our spaces are fully licensed with the City of Austin, as well as the State of Texas.  Below is a brief video that was produced by the City of Austin where I am interviewed while providing a brief tour of a few properties.


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