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If you are staying at an Onyx Hotels property, you are certain to enjoy a unique experience. All of our properties are special. We work hard to create something memorable and exciting for our guests, taking their vacation or staycation to a completely different level. Once you have experienced an Onyx Hotels vacation rental, we are confident that you will want to stay with us time and time again.

About Us

Onyx Hotels LLC is an Austin-based hospitality firm that specializes in the development and management of hotels and luxury boutique vacation rental properties in Texas, Hawaii, California, Georgia, and beyond.  Our goal is to provide a unique experience for all of our guests that exceeds expectations, while providing a preferred alternative to the traditional hotel.

The company was founded in 2013 by Ryan Windsor, CEO of Alcatraz Media and Reserve123.com.  With over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, a growing team of core members, and a variety of projects in the works, the Onyx group has plans to expand into additional markets in the very near future.  For now, we are focused on creating the best vacation rental opportunities in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Windsor – Founder and CEO

Born in Winter Park, Florida and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ryan grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. After graduating from boarding school in London, England, Ryan moved back to Austin to attend the University of Texas Business School. Throughout his college career, Ryan worked part-time creating websites for 1st Communications, which was sold to the Washington Post in 2001.

After a brief stint in the music industry, Ryan started Alcatraz Media in 1999. Founded in a one-bedroom apartment in Sausalito, Alcatraz Media began as a web hosting, marketing, and design firm. When Ryan added a toll free telephone line for his clients, the phone began ringing off of the hook with people wanting tickets to Alcatraz Island. As a result, the business changed gears and the tour business was born. That business still operates today, with 50+ employees located at the corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2013, Ryan began his latest endeavor by purchasing an array of properties around Austin, Texas for use as short-term rentals. Starting with a focus on the central business district, this business has quickly grown to other areas of Austin, and beyond. With the rapid expansion came a need for a centralized brand and management company. Onyx Hotels LLC was created to service all of the properties moving forward in an effort to facilitate efficiency and maintain a level of service that our guests can expect consistently.

Contact Us

To reach us via telephone, please call toll-free at 800-573-7631.  Or, you can email us using the form below:

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